Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 21st

Native Flame Tied Necklace - Vintage 14k or more gold chain from the 1970s along with vintage painted gold feathers from a 1960s jump rope. Hand strung red cotton string representing strength of a woman. (Worn here)

Brand: My Breakfast Shop


size 23"



Her Gypsy Indigo Dress- throw on and go! This drape dress makes every girl look gorgeous in a moment of time. I wish I could keep this beautiful thing but I sadly grew out of it. Please wear it for me! :)

Worn twice

size S



Baby Blue Jeans- Light washed vintage styled jean shorts. These originally were a large but over the years they were self tailored smaller and smaller. Long story really but these jeans have been with me through it all. Now the little seams don't fit me anymore...

Brand: LUX, Urban Outfitters


size XS


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